White Bedroom

Origin of this scene comes from ambitious project of creating complete classical apartment, renovated and filled with furniture in contemporary style where we wanted to model everything inhouse, as fully bespoke content. During this project we were contacted by 3dArtist magazine, asking us to write MarvelousDesigner tutorial for them. We couldn't pass on such opportunity, given so many people have asked us thorough year to write on this topic, as it is indeed great tool for creating all kinds of cloth assets. Tasked with this, Veronika spent 5 days creating the most advanced 3D bed done to our knowledge at the time in architectural visualization, completely from frame to pillows in MarvelousDesigner and optimizing this mesh further in Zbrush.Tools used range from 3dsMax, Vray, MarvelousDesigner, Zbrush, AfterEffects, FrischluftLenscare, MagicBulletLooks, and Premiere for final edit.

White Bedroom Talcik Demovicova_3 White Bedroom Talcik Demovicova_2